Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What should I do if I lose or misplace my certificate for insurance?

Contact Kevin Addis via phone 323-2226 or email lakelandsdrivingacademy@gmail.com. There is a $10 charge for replacement certificates.

2)  When should I take Driver's Ed?

  5 months or longer of having your permit

3)  Why should I take Driver's Ed?

It is a law that you must take driver's ed before you can get your license.  The only exception is if you are older than 17, then it is not required to take driver's ed.  All insurance companies offer a discount until 25 years old for people who take driver's ed.

4)  How much driving should a student have done before taking Driver's Ed?

Legally, you are required to drive 40 hours with a parent BEFORE you can take the DMV test.  It is a good idea to already know how to drive and operate a car safely so that the driving instructor can work on the skills needed to pass the test.

5)  What will I learn from Lakelands Driving Academy?

How to drive safely and how to successfully pass the DMV test.

6)  When are the 2 driving sessions scheduled?

During each class, every student in that class will be scheduled their 2 drives within the next 30 days based on their schedule and instructors schedules.  We have 4 cars and 6 drivers and we drive 7 days a week.

7)  Should I take the driving test with Lakelands or the DMV?

Either one is fine.  The test with Lakelands is the exact same as the DMV test.  Lakelands Driving Academy is much more convenient that the DMV and you will take the test in our drivers ed car.

8)  When can I take the driving test for my restricted license?

You MUST have your permit for at least 181 days before you can test.

9)  How often does Lakelands offer the driving test?

We schedule the test as soon as the driver meets the 181 day requirement, has completed their 2 driving sessions, and we feel is ready.

10)  When do I have to pay for the class?

Payment in full is expected the day of class, cash or check only.

11)  How often do you have class?

We have one class a month with the exception of two in June.  All class dates are posted on website and facebook.  Snacks and lunch are provided during 8 hour class.

12)  Could a student be retested by the DMV?

The DMV's auditing system requires them to randomly selected individuals from all outside driving businesses to retest.  The chances of this happening to a driver are less than 3%.

13)  Does Lakelands offer defensive driving?

No because we are a driving instruction business for individuals trying to get a license and defensive driving is for individuals who already have a license.

14)  How do I get a waiver to drive at night if I work, play sports, etc...that cause me to need to drive later?

You get the waiver from the person/reason that you are having to drive after hours.  You keep that waiver/waivers in the glove compartment of your car in the event that a policeman questions why you are driving after hours.